Arizona Tech Investors are active investors in early stage technology companies. We continuously seek investment opportunities and welcome applications from entrepreneurs directly or through referrals.

Investment Interests

Unlike most venture capital firms; which have specifically defined investment theses; Arizona Tech Investors investment guidance derives from the interests of its membership. Currently, our investment interests are:

  • Technology Domains

    • Software
    • Software as a Service
    • Semiconductors
    • Internet of Things
    • Optics & Sensors
    • New Materials
    • Medical devices
    • Diagnostics
    • Electronic medical records
    • We do not invest in retail, services not driven by technology, or real estate
  • Stage of Development

    • Arizona Tech Investors focus mostly on “early stage” companies. To us, this means companies that (a) have created prototypes of their products or services; (b) have delivered them to at least a few potential customers for evaluation; and (c) those alpha- or beta-customers are willing to provide Arizona Tech Investors their observations about the company’s solution.
    • Many of our portfolio companies received Arizona Tech Investors funding pre-revenue, but all had clear and relatively short paths to revenue generation.
    • We are not, typically, “seed stage” investors, though, on rare occasions of exceptional promise, we will invest in very early companies.
  • Geography

    • Arizona-based companies are encouraged to apply to Arizona Tech Investors directly.
    • Companies located in the Southwest outside of Arizona are encouraged to apply to Arizona Tech Investors through introductions from their local angel group or venture capital firm.
    • If an opportunity is introduced to Arizona Tech Investors by an angel group, venture capital firm, or well-respected investor, we will consider participation in companies located elsewhere in the US.

If your company fits these guidelines, we encourage you to apply to Arizona Tech Investors.

As a resource to help you plan your application to Arizona Tech Investors, we suggest Attracting an Angel:  How to Get Money from Business Angels amd Why Most Entrepreneurs Don’t, by Arizona Tech Investors members Joe Bockerstette and Marty Zwilling.  The book is a good primer on the angel investment process.  It is available at Startup Professionals.