application process

At this time, Arizona Tech Investors and affiliated Sidecar Funds do not invest in securities raised through public solicitations as defined in Regulation D Section 506(c). If you are a company that is considering seeking capital from Arizona Tech Investors  and affiliated Sidecar Funds, please determine in advance if you have taken actions or plan to take actions defined as a general solicitation under Section 506(c).  If you have not made a decision on this matter, we encourage you to consult with your attorneys and financial advisors regarding the costs and benefits of such action.   

If your business meets our Investment Interests as shown on the entrepreneurs page of our website,, then Arizona Tech Investors welcomes your application.

Arizona Tech Investors uses Proseeder as the platform to manage our applications, analysis, due diligence, and, investments.

To apply to ATI, follow this link:  Apply to ATI. Once there, please complete the questionnaire.  Completion of the application form is a requirement to be considered for investment by ATI.

  • You will note that some questions, such as regulatory issues, apply to certain types of businesses only.  If it does not apply to yours, please ignore the questions.

In addition to the questions, we require:

There are places in the application to attach these.

You may update or change or add documents at any time.

Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.

You are also welcome to include other documents—videos, business plans, executive summaries, etc–for the ATI Screening Committee to consider during our analysis.  These are not required at the first stage of application.

Only you and the members of Arizona Tech Investors have access to the information that you provide at this time.

In the event that ATI members and Sidecar Funds invest in your company, and if you and the investors agree that syndicating your deal is a good idea, this information may be shared, subject to your prior written approval, with other accredited investors.