screening process

Arizona Tech Investors receive about 300 applications during the course of the year.  Of these only about 15 will be selected to present to the entire Arizona Tech Investors membership for investment consideration.  With the objective of selecting the candidates most likely to fit the investment interests of the membership and, hence, receive funding,  the Arizona Tech Investors Screening Committee screens in 3 rounds.

The application window for each Arizona Tech Investors member meeting closes approximately 1 month prior to the meeting date.  See the Calendar for dates.

Round 1 Screening

Candidates submit Round 1 applications.  These are screened on a rolling basis as received.  If the candidate passes this screen, additional information is requested for Round 2 screening.  If the candidate does not pass the Round 1 screen, Arizona Tech Investors provides feedback and may make suggestions of resources available to assist the candidate develop its plans and business insights.  

If a candidate takes advantage of assistance, it may resubmit an improved application as early as 6 months later.  The resubmission must include a statement from the resource that provided assistance confirming its involvement with the company.

Round 2 Screening

Candidates successfully passing the Round 1 screen will be advised.  Additional information will be requested. Round 2 Applications.  All 10 members of the Arizona Tech Investors Screening Committee will review the more detailed application.  The Committee then meets to select up to 6 candidates as Semifinalists.

As at Round 1, Arizona Tech Investors provides feedback to candidates and may make suggestions of resources available to assist companies develop their business plans and application materials.

Semifinal Round

The Semifinalist CEO, supported by the management team, makes a 10 minute live presentation to the members of the Arizona Tech Investors Screening Committee.  This is followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.  From these Semifinalists, the Finalists will be chosen. Typically we select 3 to present to the full membership.  Again, feedback is provided.

High Level Preliminary Due Diligence

For each Finalist, a member of Arizona Tech Investors will conduct high level due diligence during the period between selection as a Finalist and presentation to the Arizona Tech Investors. Managements are encouraged to give great cooperation to these members.

There is no cost to apply, be screened, or present to Arizona Tech Investors.