Arizona Tech Investors is a group of over 85 men and women who come together to consider investment opportunities in early stage technology companies in Arizona and the greater Southwest.  Members come from a wide array of backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, attorneys, executives, technologists, health care professionals, consultants, venture capitalists, private equity investors, and investment bankers.  We believe that by collaborating on investment analysis and research, we can make better decisions.

Arizona Tech Investors members invest personal funds directly, through their own investment vehicles, or through affiliated Sidecar Funds.

Member Benefits

  • Deal flow screened by our 10 member Screening Committee.
  • Five meetings per year to hear presentations by exciting early stage businesses with explosive growth potential.
  • High level due diligence by an Arizona Tech Investors member accompanies each candidate presentation.
  • Opportunities to actively engage with portfolio companies–as board members, advisory board members, or as counselors.
  • Shared due diligence analysis that levers the brainpower, experience, and insight of other members and minimizes the individual work leading to investment decisions.
  • Common investment terms among all Arizona Tech Investors investing together.
  • Opportunity to invest passively through affiliated Sidecar Funds.
  • Participation in a community of highly capable individuals of diverse backgrounds and shared interests.
  • Direct connection with the organizations and individuals who are building the technology ecosystem in Arizona.
  • Formal workshops and other educational programs to enhance the capabilities of members to assess early stage risk and manage investments in the asset class.
  • Opportunity to obtain an individual mentor well experienced in early stage investing

Membership Requirements

  • Must be an accredited investor
  • Complete an application form that includes:
    • Statement that the member intends to invest a minimum of $25,000 in a candidate presented to Arizona Tech Investors during a 24 month period.
    • Agreement on Arizona Tech Investors standards of information sharing and collaboration.
    • Participate in due diligence analysis on investment candidates when asked.
  • There is a annual membership fee.

If you are an accredited investor interested in membership in Arizona Tech Investors please contact Jim Goulka, Managing Director at