Song Pop Hits 2 Million Daily Active Users, Many Of Them Probably Flirting

Screen shot 2012-07-02 at 9.43.19 PMCall it the way we flirt now. Facebook games like Song Pop and Draw Something and apps like Pair are discovering novel ways to get you to hook up connect online. The space is ballooning to the point where there’s even a couples app for co-founders.

A little over a month since its late May launch, breakout app Song Pop has hit 2 million daily active users, CEO Mathieu Nouzareth tells me. Though the game shows around 1.9 million daily active users on AppData, Nouzareth reveals that the real number is over 2 million because many people actually log in via their independent Song Pop accounts on iOS and Android. For context, hit Angry Birds Friends is presently at 3.3 million daily active users.

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