Investment Criteria for Investors

Arizona Tech Investors membership is comprised of over 100 men and women from anywhere in the US. While most members reside in Arizona, either full or part time; we welcome non-resident members who live full time in other states.

  • ATI benefits from diversity in the backgrounds of the membership. ATI actively encourages investors from underrepresented groups to join and invest. Members include entrepreneurs, attorneys, executives, technologists, health care professionals, consultants, venture capitalists and more. Individually and collectively, the members of ATI use their professional breadth and knowledge to support thoughtful conversations, provide business insights to the advantage of all, and enhance the decision-making and success of the group and the businesses they invest in.
  • In addition to the collegiality and common focus ATI shares as a group, reflected in all elements of the organization’s mission, members can leverage their talents one-on-one with portfolio companies and serve as mentor, strategic advisor, or board member. In turn, ATI supports members by offering workshop opportunities, conference access, and educational programming.

Member Benefits

If you are an Accredited Investor (according to SEC Regulation D, Rule 506) and currently invest or are thinking of investing in seed and early stage technology start ups, we invite you to consider joining Arizona Tech Investors. We are are a group of over 100 men and women who actively invest in Information Technology and life science companies in Arizona, the greater southwest, and beyond.

Benefits of ATI membership include:

  • A structured selection process that ensures members see only high quality, investible companies.
  • A structured collaboration with 18 peer angel groups in the western US—from Seattle to San Diego to Denver—where we share our best deals with each other.
  • A formal collaborative diligence process to enhance understanding of each opportunity. Members share their individual expertise and flex their intellectual muscles by exploring new ideas and solutions.
  • A peer group of exceptional individuals from many backgrounds and with expertise in diverse domains and subjects, who share their interests and their insights on the opportunities we see.
  • Opportunities to participate on company governing and advisory boards, and for mentoring and other advisory roles, all focused on helping companies succeed.
  • Your investments can be aggregated with other member investments into a structured entity to create a substantial investor in each company, thereby maximizing member benefits.
  • Regular education programs to help new and experienced investors to become better at seed and early stage investing.
  • Multiple ways to accomplish individual investing objectives. These include investing directly in candidate companies, investing together with others via single purpose vehicles, or more passively through ATI Sidecar Funds.
  • As an Established Angel Group ™ ATI can provide simple documentation for a member that satisfies the requirements of SEC rules governing general solicitations for private securities issuance (the 506(c) rules.