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About Arizona Tech Investors

  Arizona Tech Investors is an active community of accredited investors who invest in early-stage technology companies located in Arizona and the surrounding states. Since our first transaction in May, 2007, Arizona Tech Investors have invested in 43 companies, providing over $12.25 million in capital, making us the most active technology investor in central and northern Arizona.

Arizona Tech Investors invest their own personal resources directly in companies and through affiliated Sidecar Funds. ATIF Sidecar Fund I and II, both now closed, invested in 15 companies in 36 months.  ATI Sidecar Fund III is open for investment by accredited investors who meet ATI requirements for membership.  As classic angel investors, members contribute not only capital funds, but actively participate as board members and advisors to portfolio companies, adding their expertise, insight, experience, and connections to help those companies grow.

Arizona Tech Investors meet 5 times per year to consider investment opportunities. Typically, members see 3 companies which have been selected from dozens of applicants to our formal screening process. Subsequent to the meetings, members interested in individual companies collaborate on due diligence to ensure rapid but thorough analysis of the opportunity. Those choosing to invest share a common set of terms and candidate company valuation.

Arizona Tech Investors will consider only securities raised through private solicitations (as defined in SEC Regulation D Section 506(b)).  We do not consider investments raised through general solicitations (as defined in Section 506(c)).

Arizona Tech Investors is a member of the Angel Capital Association (ACA), a professional alliance of angel groups.

Arizona Tech Investors History

Dr. Thomas Duening founded Arizona Technology Investor Forum (ATIF) in 2007 when he was Director of Entrepreneurial Programs at the Ira A Fulton School of Engineering at Arizona State University. Under Tom’s leadership ATIF became firmly established as a serious angel group in Phoenix.  In mid-2009, Tom moved from ASU to the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

In October 2009, ATIF became independent of ASU and is now a 501(c) 6 non-profit corporation.  At the spin-out from ASU, Paul Winandy succeeded Tom Duening as managing director of ATIF.  Paul ably led ATIF for 14 months, until he left to become CEO of WebPT, an ATIF portfolio company.

In November, 2010,  Jim Goulka succeeded Winandy as the leader of ATIF.

On September 11, 2014 ATIF became Arizona Tech Investors

ATI Sidecar Funds I, II, and III

In December, 2011, ATIF launched ATIF Sidecar I LLC, its first fund.  The Fund offered members and selected others the opportunity to invest along side individual ATIF members who made individual  investments.  The Fund deployed its capital in less than 18 months, investing in 8 companies, in a diversified array of domains and industries.  ATIF Sidecar Fund II, launched in 2013, invested in an additional 7 companies over its 18 month investment period.  ATI Sidecar Fund III began its fundraising in June 2015.

How Arizona Tech Investors Work

Arizona Tech Investors believe that early stage investing, like startup entrepreneurship, requires the collaboration and teamwork of an array of people with diverse competencies and skills.  Arizona Tech Investors lever the brainpower, time, expertise, and connections of its members and associates to strengthen member decision-making, increase capital available to companies seeking funding, and assist them in growing.

  • Our Screening Committee is comprised of 8 or more members from  a wide array of backgrounds.
  • Due diligence is a team effort; all members interested in a candidate for investment share in the analysis.
  • Often, companies seek funding of amounts larger than Arizona Tech Investors supply on their own.  We collaborate with  other angel groups, in particular Desert Angels, New Mexico Angels, and Tech Coast Angels in San Diego  and with selected local VC and private equity firms, such as Grayhawk Capital and  Canal Partners , to complete a transaction.

Arizona Tech Investors source investment opportunities in part through collaboration with other angel groups, from VCs and private equity firms, and from alliances with the  incubators and accelerators in central and northern Arizona, as well as our other Alliance partners throughout the state.

Jim Goulka
Managing Director