Arizona Tech Investors is a peer group of exceptional individuals from many backgrounds and expertise in diverse domains and subjects, who collaborate to share their experience and insights on investment opportunities. ATI members share a common passion for actively participating in the future of Arizona by investing in early-stage companies with the potential for high growth and empowering them for success.  Members enjoy a well-curated deal flow with includes companies from Arizona, the Southwest and beyond. Additionally, they benefit from engagement with 100+ investors and partners throughout the Greater Phoenix Area start-up ecosystem.

If you share our vision and are an accredited investor who would like to become a member of Arizona Tech Investors, please review the information below.


  • Our members make their own investment decisions and take full responsibility for those decisions, recognizing that investing in emerging ventures is high-risk.
  • Each member benefits from ATI’s collaborative due diligence but is responsible for their own review of the opportunities presented.
  • Prospective members should be accredited investors based on the guidelines provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC Regulation D, Rule 506).



  • Members apply their professional breadth and knowledge to support thoughtful conversations, provide business insights to the advantage of all, and enhance the decision-making and success of the group.
  • Members do not need prior experience with angel investing but contribute their time and skills to Arizona Tech Investors by participating in screening, due diligence, follow-up and/or other opportunities.



ATI actively encourages investors from all backgrounds, including under-represented groups, to join and invest. We invite you to join us.

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