Member Benefits

If you are an Accredited Investor (according to SEC Regulation D, Rule 506) and currently invest or are thinking of investing in seed and early-stage technology startups, we invite you to consider joining Arizona Tech Investors. We are a group of over 100 men and women who actively invest in Information Technology and life science companies in Arizona, the greater Southwest and beyond.

Benefits of ATI membership include:

  • A structured selection process that ensures members see only high quality, investible companies.
  • A structured collaboration with 18 peer angel groups in the western US—from Seattle to San Diego to Denver—where we share our best deals with each other.
  • A formal collaborative diligence process to enhance understanding of each opportunity. Members share their individual expertise and flex their intellectual muscles by exploring new ideas and solutions.
  • A peer group of exceptional individuals from many backgrounds and with expertise in diverse domains and subjects, who share their interests and their insights on the opportunities we see.
  • Opportunities to participate on company governing and advisory boards, and for mentoring and other advisory roles, all focused on helping companies succeed.
  • Your investments can be aggregated with other member investments into a structured entity to create a substantial investor in each company, thereby maximizing member benefits.
  • Regular education programs to help new and experienced investors to become better at seed and early stage investing.
  • Multiple ways to accomplish individual investing objectives. These include investing directly in candidate companies, investing together with others via single purpose vehicles, or more passively through ATI Sidecar Funds.
  • As an Established Angel Group ™ ATI can provide simple documentation for a member that satisfies the requirements of SEC rules governing general solicitations for private securities issuance (the 506(c) rules.

Are you ready to get started?