Since May, 2007, Arizona Tech Investors have invested in 42 companies:

AdiCyte AdiCyte is the premier cryobank for adipose tissue and stem cells. Through AdiCyte, patients can preserve their collected adipose tissue (fat) and powerful adipose stem cells for future use in cosmetic treatments and importantly, in the emerging field of cellular regenerative medicine.

Agility Ventures  specializes in financing and consulting for broadband networks and related early-stage technology businesses.

Alert GPS Holdings   provides Amber Alert GPS, mobile tracking and safety solutions for children and families.

appsFreedom  provides an enterprise mobility platform and comprehensive set of packaged, pre-built mobile apps to successfully deliver fast, easy access to SAP, Oracle and other ERP and business systems from a variety of desktops and devices. Implementation time is measured in days, giving enterprise organizations unparalleled time to value with a proven mobile initiative.

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CampusLogic delivers an intuitive self-service platform for students applying for financial aid at colleges and universities across the US

Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals  is developing novel therapeutic agents, diagnostics, and lifestyle recommendations that make possible the treatment of risk factors for cancer.

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Celeritve Technologies  developers of VoluMill, is one of the world’s leading CAD/CAM technology innovators specializing in ultra high-performance tool path solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Desert Fund V is the fifth sidecar fund affiliated with Desert Angels

EggCyte offers a personal, mobile server

eMoneyPool harnesses the power of community to help individuals reach their financial goals.


Firehost  is a secure cloud hosting company focused on protecting companies’ sensitive data and brand reputations with an architecture built for security, scalability and performance. Customers with specific compliance or performance needs subscribe to FireHost’s PCI, HIPAA or high traffic solutions.

500 Startups  is a new kind of seed fund and startup accelerator. We believe successful internet startups are born from usable design, customer-focused metrics, and online distribution.

Flypaper Studio (sold to Trivantis)   is the developer of Flypaper, the leading Flash content creation platform. Flypaper empowers programmers and non-programmers alike to create, edit, share, track and reuse high-impact Flash and video content.

4Smartphone  Sync email, contacts, calendar & tasks on any smartphone, on any network worldwide.

GlyEco (GLYE)  is a green chemistry company which transforms used glycols, a hazardous waste, into profitable green products. The Company’s patent-pending technology recycles polluted glycols to a purity level equal to refinery produced material.

GMS Biotech  GMSbiotech has developed products to penetrate the new and rapidly growing genetics and personalized medicine marketplace, based on the development of its unique microarray technology. The beach-head product in this market is “EZMatch™ test” which is based on Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) typing for the transplantation market.

Instant BioScan‘s  Real-Time Microbial System for Water (RMS-W) is a microbial detection system like no other. Traditional methods of testing require gathering samples, sampling preparation, delayed test results and human interaction and follow up for the entire process. RMS-W does away with all that.

Iris Public Relations Software offers digital PR management and measurement for agencies and in-house teams.

Kinetic Muscles   provides products for stroke recovery. Used in physical therapy and occupational therapy programs, KMI’s products for stroke rehabilitation help to improve the quality of life of stroke survivors.

NuvOx Pharma develops dodecafluoropentane (DDFP)-based oxygen therapeutics to deliver high concentrations of oxygen to targeted tumors.

Omedix specializes in creating an outstanding patient experience for healthcare organizations across the patient relationship lifecycle, starting from the moment a patient seeks out a new provider, continuing through the patient intake process, and onward to the ongoing doctor-patient relationship.

Outski offers a platform to enable travel as a benefit with a social component

Pediatric Bioscience is a specialty laboratory testing company developing and commercializing novel products to improve the diagnosis and treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders

Picmonic  A picture is worth a thousands words. Picmonic takes that literally, by turning the information you need to know into unforgettable images and stories that will make studying easier than ever. We’re scientifically backed, research proven, and ridiculously effective.

Post.Bid.Ship  operates an online marketplace for the commercial shipping and transportation industry. Shippers of freight post their transportation needs to postbidship.com and transportation providers submit competitive bids to haul the freight.

Protein Genomics  carries out Research and Development on sophisticated, high performance biopolymers for potential applications in the wound healing, tissue regeneration, dermal filler and personal care markets.

Pure Chat provides Personal Chat Pages:  customizable, one-page website hosted by Pure Chat, where people can live chat with you

Recoleta Digital Media offers shoppers digital coupons and discounts of only their favorite products at their favorite grocers.

ReplyBuy is your personal concierge for tickets to major sporting and other events

Right Side Capital Management  is a seed stage investment fund.  We focus on specific aspects of a proposed venture that we can evaluate with minimal ambiguity.

Ryver (formerly Contatta) is a communications platform that enables teams of every type and size to collaborate using short and messages, connected to documents, and storable.

Sokikom provides massive multiplayer games to teach elementary school students math in a fun and lasting manner.

SyCara  simplifies SEO management and delivers actionable insight to save time and create SEO efficiency.

Serious Integrated  enables  OEMs, Electronics Design Firms and hobbyists to add graphic/touch front panels to their products.

Solar Pool Technologies  is dedicated to bringing solar powered and eco-friendly pool cleaning and maintenance solutions to consumers.

Strongwatch  a world leader in innovation of robotic surveillance technology for autonomous asset protection.

Tempronics  is focused on improving the efficiency of thermoelectric technology for heating, cooling and power generation.

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Veebo  is local retail marketing and commerce platform

WebPT  The all-in-one EMR solution for therapy clinics.  Stay productive anytime, anywhere–on any computer.

Worldwise Education  The country’s leading producer of branded consumer products that showcase student creativity and use social networking and support for schools to build goodwill and drive demand.