May 10, 2022

Arizona Tech Investors (ATI), an Arizona-based angel investing group focused on growth companies developing solutions in the IT and medical technology sectors, is announcing the creation of five new vice chair roles to support the group’s continued growth of membership and investments. The new roles will be filled by current ATI members and will assist Chairman & Managing Director James Goulka. The new vice chairs are:

  • Candidate Identification and Evaluation: Robert De Lean
  • Due Diligence: Erik Probsfield
  • Membership: Michelle Tinsley
  • Sponsorship: Joe Cusack
  • Technology: Ram Sankaran

ATI is comprised of more than 100 angel investors, many of whom have deep experience as executive leaders, and the vice chair appointments will allow the group to take full advantage of their skillsets.

“These new appointments will allow us to move faster, and execute at an even higher level,” explains Goulka. “We have so much knowledge and experience within our membership and I’m excited these professionals are stepping into leadership roles.”

ATI provides both funding to start-up and early stage companies and advisory roles, strategic guidance, resource and partner referrals to help young portfolio businesses achieve the next level of growth and success.